Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miniatures: Skraelings of Vinland

This is the first batch of miniatures being prepared for an upcoming convention game. I plan to run a story based skirmish scenario set in Vinland using Rattrap's Broadsword Adventures rules.

Skraelings emerge from the forest to trade furs with the Vikings for red cloth and milk. Everything goes well until hostilities break out, a native is killed trying to steal a metal weapon. The Vikings lower their white shield of peace and raise their red shields of war. The Skraelings hail missiles on their foe and create a frightening din with their strange catapults. Everyone is unnerved by the strange ways of their adversary. Thorstein's bull bellows in the forest and frightens away many Skraelings. The Vikings flee to a rally point near the cliffs, deluded that they are being attacked on all sides. Freydis, daughter of Eric the Red, pregnant and too slow to flee cries out for a sword so that she can show the men of her camp how to slay the wretched natives.........

Figures by Gladiator miniatures.