Thursday, December 31, 2015

Miniatures: Two companies for In Her Majesty's Name

The Victorious Order of Saint George, Protectors of the Realm  (The Saint Georges)- British Rifle Company, 300 points.

The Victorious Order of Saint George, Protectors of the Realm  (The Saint Georges) is a British Rifle Company that responds to the more esoteric threats to England manifest by foes using mystical energies or advanced technology.  The Saint Georges are led by Captain Hodges, a veteran of South Africa, and supported by the indefatigable Doctor Collins, who is never seen without his cigar.  Sargent Tremaine has hand picked 4 stout privates  to form the bulk of the riflemen for the company, and drills them with the bayonet daily.  Corporal Miller, a sturdy country lad, carries the company Machine gun all by himself.  It's said that his marksmanship with a rifle was not up to the best standards, so the extra fire power is a fitting compensation.  Finally, Sapper Doyle carries a Congreve Rocket gun for foes too stubborn to fall under volley fire.

The Servants of Ra-  Akhenaton Reborn, herald of New Egypt, 300 points.

The Servants of Ra dream of bringing back the might and power of ancient Egypt.  To do so, they are active around the globe seeking long lost artifacts to enhance their mystical prowess.  They are led by Akhenaton, the Pharaoh reborn, who wields the Staff of Osiris and other artifacts and powers that protect him from harm.  Ahkenaton has resurrected a Mummified Priest to serve his bidding, a powerful terrifying creature sure to bring nightmares to mere mortals.  Professor Abir, a leading Egyptologist, is a fanatic follower of Ahkenaton and is quickly learning mystical powers of his own as he guides the Servants of Ra to the artifacts they seek.  His daughter, Sairah, is also a fanatical believer, and serves the cause with her own powers, as well as a poisoned blade.  Also accompanying Ahkenaton are several Nubian Riflemen to provide a little modern protection in support of the mystical powers.  Where ever they travel, the Servants of Ra can count on men seduced by the promise of power and riches.  These cultists give their aid, and their lives, when called upon.