Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miniatures: Crom....More People and Places.

A new Guard Captain and unit of Guardsmen have joined the Sultan's payroll, and a new Gatehouse was constructed just for them to guard.

 The Gatehouse can double as a watering hole for caravans and weary travelers.

 Wild beasts from the steppes of Turan have been know to attack even the most stalwart of warriors.

The King of the Beasts looks on as his Pride does the hunting.

 The Turanian Hoard has also been known to strike an unsuspecting caravan or poorly guarded city gate.

Cultists guard the entrance to a lost temple of Amoroth,

Inside the temple the High Priestess performs a ritual to summon their dark god.

Conan is on his way to disrupt the ritual and defeat the cultists.  He can't shake the feeling that he is being watched.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Miniatures: More and More Crom preparations.

 Some new buildings erected in a Turanian marketplace or lonely oasis.

 Here the Brigand leader chats with his employer the Slave Master over tea.

 Brigands and thugs for hire.

 The band of Brigands ready to capture unfortunate individuals for the slave markets.

A Turanian horse archer riding through the oasis gives them a wide berth.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Miniatures: More figures for Crom.

 An all female cult sacrifices a slave to their dark god.

 The High Priestess.

 Two Acolytes.
 The cult's Guard Captain.

 Cultist archers.

 Cultist warriors.

 Asad the slaver, leader of raiding Himelian hillmen.

 Himelian hillmen raiders.

 Gilzan of Shem, another leader of the slavers.

 Afghuli raiders and slavers.

 Isfahan, Turanian merchant.
A cloaked Assassin.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miniatues: Crom- gaming in the Hyborian Age

I am preparing to play Crom, a miniature rule set by Matakishi described at the following site...


Here are some of the figures I have prepared thus far......

The Heroes.....
 A young Conan off to seek adventure where ever he may....

 Girano a thief from Zamora...

 N'gana a Kushite reaver and seeker of fortune....

 Yin Wu, a mysterious Sorcerer from Khitai.

Other Heroic characters....

 Freya and Horsa the Aesir.......

 Jumbahla of the Black Kingdoms.

Foes that may pit their fate against the mighty Cimmerian.....

 A fiendish Sorcerer, perhaps from Hyperboria....

 A Demon Beast, guardian of some lost temple......

 Captain of the Guard from some Turanian city....

 The Guardsmen.

Fiendish snow beasts from the icy north.