Saturday, October 30, 2010

Miniatures: Warzone- Dark Legion Semai forces

Here are some of the powerful Individuals that are fielded in Semai forces of the Dark Legions....

A Heretic Corrupter leads a band of Heretics.

The deadly sniper Callistonian Sundancer.

The Eaonian Justifier is infamous for gathering information from the unwilling.

Miniatures: Goth Horror game report preview....

Here are some images from a game of Gothic Horror: Vampire Wars. A full game report will follow at a later date...

In a rugged, yet picturesque hill country somewhere in the Balkans...

A battle takes place between the Defenders of Mankind and the Children of the Night.....

A desperate rage, filled grapple......

with unrelenting violence....

that leaves fanatical enemies dead, lying side by side in the plush, cold grass.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miniatures: Gothic Horror Vampire Wars

The Nosferatu Clan of Hegel Zech.

Left to Right: Hegel Zech the Master, his 5 Nosferatu, Henchmen (foreground) and Slaves (background).

Sir Jamie Ryder-Harker and his English Vampire Hunters.

From Left to Right: Sir Jamie Ryder-Harker, Gentlemen Adventurers, Riflemen, Sergent Major Whiteside, and 2 Batmen.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miniatures: Warzone Capitol Light Infantry

Capitol Light Infantry Unit with 8 troopers, Light MG, Grenade Launcher, Sgt. and Captain.

Fanning out to face a threat, the officers and specialists positioned near the center of the unit.

The Captain and Sgt. near the well.

Troopers covering the flank.

Captain and Grenadier.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Miniatures: Billy Bones Workshop ECW paper minis part 2

A sampling of the types of pieces available in the Billy Bones ECW paper miniatures set. From Left: Pike, Shot, Guns, Horse. with a paper road in front.