Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miniatures: More Desert Rats

Close up of Infantry from my Motor Company.

A sampling: Infantry, Grants, Crusaders.
Infantry are from Battlefront Miniatures, vehicles from Gaming Models.

Grants, fresh off the painting table.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miniatures: Desert Rats

I was able to put some more work into my Flames of War Desert Rats force. Here is my Motor Platoon posing in front of some Crusaders.....

and waiting for their trucks from the every slow painting factory.....

and hoping for some reinforcements, maybe a mortar or AT guns........

Miniatures: Warzone Dark Legion Semai proxies.

I bought a bunch of old part painted, cut up Necromunda figures to use as proxies as Warzone Semai Dissidents. Here they are after surgery (adding arms, weapons, even a head from clix figures) and a repainting.

Smile! Now go infiltrate the MegaCorps!

The girl 2nd from left has a new head thanks to an old Heroclix fig.

The two on the left both needed arms and bits etc.