Thursday, July 9, 2015

Miniatures: Of Gods and Mortals

 Work in progress for an Egyptian force for the Ganesha/Osprey game Of Gods and Mortals.  In the center is the god Thoth, with a giant Croc and samples of figs I intend to create the various units.  The two Reaper Warlord figs in the front will become elite troop units, as will the Anubis warriors on the left.

Here is the start of a Norse force for the game.  I am creating a unit tray from a cd for the berserkers on the left.  On the right are 3 god figures, Heimdahl, Thor and Odin.  These are 54mm scale barbarian miniatures made somewhere in Russia and were purchased on ebay.

Here are more of the Norse army next to the Berserkers for scale.  The Fire Giant Surtr is a Reaper Bones miniature.  Also depicted are 2 Valkyrie and Fenrir the wolf.

Miniatures: Ronin

I am working on painting up forces for the game Ronin, from Osprey.  Here is an Assault Group monk on the left and peasants and an archer from Black Hat miniatures.