Sunday, November 30, 2008

Miniatures: The Brigadier tells the Autons what for...

Carry on.

Brigadier and truck (wooden hobby store vehicle).

See here! You lot go back to your home planet. On the Double now!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Miniatures: A few for Doctor Who

Unit Mortar Team Proxy.
(Black Tree Designs WWII British Air-born Officers and a Void Mortar)

View 2

View 3

The Doctor.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Miniatures: Random stots from a Fear and Faith game.

Marching into the unknown (with chin up).

Running past the winged cat statue.

Are Alright in there?

Village Defenders before the slaughter.

Werewolf stealth.

Eating the Hunter.

Red, the wolf slayer.

Red the wolf slayer just prior to her demise.

Poor blighter.

Stroll en-force.

Still snacking.

Marching into the unknown (with jowl up).

Holy Hunting ground.

Here, here!

Have you seen Granny?

Not here either?

Please heed all warning signs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Miniatures: Wildfire 15mm Sci-Fi basing experiment.

Wildfire is a Sci-Fi miniature game that uses a fire team of 2 figures on a 1" base as it's main element. I am attempting to use a magnetic basing system in order to diversify the use of my limited 15mm collection. To do so I am using heroclix bases for the fire teams (larger than the 1" recommended but ok if consistant throughout). Here are my 2 base mock ups with some different miniature combinations. Note the miniatures were bought on ebay pre-painted, all are made by Alternative Armies.

Small washers are used on the miniatures and magnets on whatever base they are to be used on.

Miniatures: Generic Sci Fi Security from Star Wars repaint

A repainted Star Wars Rebel Trooper figure (far Right) next to the original version and an Ice Warrior for scale. My goal was to de-starwarsify it and create a generic sci-fi security team.

Hard to see in the picture, but both the vest and helmet are silver in keeping with the sometimes gaudy costumes seen in 1970's era shows.

Once the entire force it complete it may be initially seen facing the Ice Warriors in a Doctor Who miniature game.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Miniatures: Doctor Who Ice Warriors plus random others.

Ice Lord and loyal Warriors (Fasa miniatures).

More Ice Warriors show up for the party.

Ice Warrior Disco Firing Squad.

Preparing to play pin the tail on the Dalek.

The inevitable group shot (Junior can you move a little closer to Slaar? Wait, did my flash go off?)

Marcus Scarman looking for his Mummy.

A lone Auton (kinda hard to be a collective consciousness by yourself).