Monday, June 26, 2017

Saga Crescent and the Cross

Here are some pictures of a Saga- Crescent and the Cross game I played awhile back, Crusaders versus Saracens.

Overlooking the Saracen forces from the Crusader's side.

Crusader Warriors with crossbow await in cover while the Hearthguard form around their Warlord.

Th Crusaders move forward while Saracen mounted Hearthguard threaten the flank.

The Saracen charge the Crusader warriors held in reserve.

After the initial fighting, the Saracen forces are down a unit of Hearthguard and their mounted archers pull back from the advancing Crusader Warlord.

Saracen Warriors clash with Crusader Hearthguard.

The Crusader Warlord relentlessly charges forth bypassing a Saracen Warrior unit to attack the mounted archers.

The Saracen Warlord leads his last Warrior unit against the diminished Crusader unit and attacks the Warlord.

The Saracens are victorious.