Monday, January 25, 2010

Miniatures: El Gato Borracho .....preview picture.

As part of my never ending project to finish up old projects I pulled out a nearly finished Adobe building and put the final touches on it. Hence a little Old West watering hole....El Gato Borracho. More pictures to follow once my camera has new batteries.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miniatures: Orc Brew Bash

"AHHHH! Me Grog Spilt! You'll pay you son of a Grot."

"SMASH!" "BASH!" "SLAM!" "Why you..." "My Eye!!!" "snivel...." "Pow!"

Thud laughs grog through his nose as Bogmire the Petulant splats Grishnak with a dive off the balcony.

"Whaaaaaa!" "Splat"

We played our first 4 player games of Orc bar brawling. They were quick and dirty with lots of chair throwing, eye poking and the dreaded Orc tossing. One of the highlights was Bogmire diving off the balcony and knocking out Grishnak on the first turn of the game. Don't cry for Grishnak though, he later got up, asked for more and nearly won the game!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Miniatures: Beasts of Bastogne work in Progress.

I'm preparing a Pulp/Weird War II game called The Beasts of Bastogne using the Where Heroes Dare rules. The troops are done, I just have to make some terrain and finish the Beasts. Shown in this preview is a newly made fox hole with unsuspecting members of the 101st Airborne stalked by the Beasts.

A lower angle of the foxhole.

A shell crater.

"Hey Sarge, you hear sometin'?"

"Shadup, it's the wind."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miniatures: Boers

I've had these miniatures for a very long time but did not really have a purpose for them until now. They will be used as Nefarious mercenaries in a Colonial skirmish game and as the Boers they are using a rule set that allows for skirmishing with a very small number of figures.

It's a good thing the tall grass hides the bases because I don't have em fully painted yet.