Monday, November 28, 2011

Miniatures: Flames of War Game

Trent and Brandon playing the British in a family Holiday game of Flames of War.

The Italian Bersaglieri deployed to protect multiple objectives.

The Italian Artillery ready to pound the British into the sand.

British Grants defending an objective and readying to destroy the enemy.

British Crusaders, Artillery and Anti Tank guns holding an objective.

First Blood! The British Grants destroy the Italian tank destroyers!

The British Infantry playing Whist while being bombarded by Italian Guns.

Italians sketching the ruins as the British armor advances.

The British Armor advances.

Due to the influx of family activities we only played a partial game. The British were mauling the Italians soundly and would have easily carried the game had it been played out. This was a sort of learning game for the Allies and they did a great job!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miniatures: Italians in Flames of War

Here's a few shots of my Flames of War Italian North African force in progress.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miniatures: Dwarven Colonials evict Martians from the Village

Martians set up to defend their village from the invading British Colonial Dwarves.

Prince Thadd supervises his City Dweller forces from atop his mount, waving his sword as he gives orders.

The Dwarves advance under fire from the Martian's antique cannon, eager to claim this parcel of Mars for their ever expanding Empire.

They march within rifle range of the village and use the superior range and firepower of their weaopns to take toll of the Marian forces.

The Fanatic Sverdfolk, withered by Dwarven fire, make a daring charge into the midst of the invading army. At first they hold their own, hacking their swords and spear against Dwarven bayonette, but their nerve fails when the Cavalry charges to the rescue.

The Dwarven fire drives Prince Thadd and the remains of one unit into the shelter of the village where they reform for a last stand.

The Dwarven advance stops for nothing as the Ostrich Cavalry hop over the defensive wall and the Infantry wade through the Martian dead.

Meanwhile the remaining City Dweller Infantry slowly succums to a combined attack of Dwarven Rifle and Artillery. Soon, their position threatened from the rear, they exit the village to and set up defenses for the pursuing Ostrich Cavalry.

At the foot of a hill just outside the village, the Marians stand against the Dwarven charge and fight to the last man. The victorious Dwarves raise their flag and claim yet another land for Queen and Country.

The game was played using the Valor & Steel & Flesh rules. Bill ran the victorious Dwarves and I the unfortunate Martians. It was the first time playing this ruleset and we were not as impressed with them as we had hoped. Several factors were either very unclear or somewhat counter-intuitive, making the rules hard to interpret at times.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miniatures: Flames of War- Terrain and Game picures.

British Armor moving out. Part of a large game with American and Brithish Armor VS German Armor and Infantry.

Germans after British Armor and Artillery attacks.

General destruction.

British took some casualties before rushing the German positions.

Devistating German Air Assault that destroys a Platoon of Grants.

Terrain pictures.....

An oasis and building.

Pictures of scratch built Wadi sections.

More scratch built buildings with manufactured ones.

British 6 pdrs in scratch built defensive positions.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Miniatures: More Martians

Martian Sky Pirates in a scratch built War Skiff. One light-medium gun fires forward while the crew brandish a mixture of bows, fire arms and hand weapons. More views below...

The Pirate crew also act as Irregular Infantry or Militia when on the surface of Mars.

More Irregulars, these Kraag Warior fanatics act as specialist infantry units lead by a charismatic War Chief.

More views of the War Skiff......

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miniatures: Space 1889 Martians

A Martian City Dweller "Battle" consisting of 2 Infantry units and 1 unit of Artillery.

The Officer in Charge riding his bird-like mount.

An Infantry unit with the Battle Leader at Right.

Artillery unit manning a medium antique gun.

The second Infantry Unit with 3 Grenadiers in armor in the front rank.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miniatures: Operation Crusader...or All my Tanks are nearly Painted!

The main part of my Light Armor Squadron...
4 Platoons of Crusaders with Command. Now all painted but for some work on the tracks and some decals. The models are Crusader I's, II's and III's made by Gaming Models.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miniatures: More Desert Rats

Close up of Infantry from my Motor Company.

A sampling: Infantry, Grants, Crusaders.
Infantry are from Battlefront Miniatures, vehicles from Gaming Models.

Grants, fresh off the painting table.