Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miniatures: Orc Brew Bash

"AHHHH! Me Grog Spilt! You'll pay you son of a Grot."

"SMASH!" "BASH!" "SLAM!" "Why you..." "My Eye!!!" "snivel...." "Pow!"

Thud laughs grog through his nose as Bogmire the Petulant splats Grishnak with a dive off the balcony.

"Whaaaaaa!" "Splat"

We played our first 4 player games of Orc bar brawling. They were quick and dirty with lots of chair throwing, eye poking and the dreaded Orc tossing. One of the highlights was Bogmire diving off the balcony and knocking out Grishnak on the first turn of the game. Don't cry for Grishnak though, he later got up, asked for more and nearly won the game!

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