Monday, March 3, 2008

Minatures: The Doctor and the Sea Devils- Part 3

The Doctor struggles to build a device that can stop the Sea Devils in their tracks, but he just can't seem to find that somantic imbellisher.

A Sea Devil leader can feel victory in his slimy grasp.

Sgt. Benton attempts to escort The Master back to the Doctor's Laboratory, but discovers he is cut off by the Sea Devil advance.

Forgotten in the greater struggle, the two adversaries on the docks finally manage to destroy each other.

Jo panics when the Sea Devils kill the last of the Unit defenders. She runs through the battle towards the Doctor. The Master takes this as his cue to leave. With the part to his Tardis in his pocket he breaks free from Sgt Benton and evades Sea Devil fire as he flees through the gate. Benton makes a feeble attempt to stop The Master, but pulls his fire for fear of hitting Miss Grant. The Sea Devils have won this day, but the Doctor is still free to resist them tomorrow.

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TheWart said...

Great photos and an excellent battle report too, sounds like it was a fun game.