Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Minatures: Space Bastards from Outer Space

Space Bastards, former war heroes that find themselves homicidally bored during peacetime, congregate on a hazardous planet to fight to the death (as televised on all the popular cable networks). See the puddles of sludge, the pool of mutation goo and the pit of lava....see the volcano, carnivorous plant and the cave to nowhere...all hazards the Space Bastards must face if they survive their fellow bastards.

Bubba Blastem rounds the rubble on a mad dash for packages while Verde, Martian Warrior takes aim the the background. The "presents" contain weapons of all shapes and sizes or...something more dire like a primed explosive, a Big Pointy Alien, or.....the dreaded Black Hole.

Cowboy Slim and Sigma 12 in one of their epic battles to kick each other off the edge of the battlefield and into the void of space. Ya gotta love their sense of humor.

It's a holiday for Iguana Bob Marley!

This package nearly hit him on the head on the way down...."What's that ticking....?"

Crainiac commands a grand view of the battlefield. We command a grand view of the back of his rather large head.

"Look, someone was blown up. Awww. Let's grab their stuff!" Rollie Joe cuts off Romeo and they fight for the gut splattered loot.

Sigma 12 and Cowboy Slim yet again near the edge of nowhere.

Earlier, Romeo fought Hans near the mutation goo, drink some!

Smoking boots! Alas, poor Romeo, we knew him well.

This was a game ran at a local Boy Scout Iditerod. Our game club runs games every January for the event, and has a great time watching the Scouts turn bloody on each other.

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