Saturday, June 20, 2009

Miniatures: Fear and Faith Haunted Mansion Game

The Professor stalked by a Ghost.

A Ghost and Poltergeist assault Griselda.

The Baron dispatches the Poltergeist and has a go at the Ghost with his Magic Swagger Stick.

Banning the Ghost with the power of Faith.

Trying to corner a Ghost.

I played a game of Fear and Faith with my friend Gary. We tried out the Haunted Mansion scenario from the book, which gave me a chance to break out some old, underused terrain. The Ghosts and Poltergeists had a very hard time doing much of anything at all, as did the good Father once he was able to use his Ban skill. Still it was a fun game that captured the flavor of the genre. The poor Hunter spent most of his time crawling in fear, trying to rejoin his compatriots, the Ghosts would conveniently pass through the walls at will, and the Major Poltergeist managed to fling enough debris to kill an Insane Minion!

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