Monday, December 13, 2010

Miniatures: Fantasy Warriors Orcs

I am now getting close to fielding Orc and Dwarf armies for the game Fantasy Warriors (owing to the purchase of several painted units). Here are several of the Orc units I now have ready for battle.

The Orc War-chief Goldfang, his standard bearer and herald.

The army's Shaman prepares his magics.

Veteran Orc archers and Spear contrast the motley band of average troops on the opposite flank.

Goldaxe (front center), the War-chief's eldest surviving offspring, acts as a sub-commander in charge of the average quality Spear and Sword units.

A motley assortment of Orcs.

Goldfang's Bodyguard, made up of Great Orcs, is held in reserve.

The Veteran Bow and Spear, in uniform and in good order, await Goldfang's orders. (spear and bow leaders in these units painted by me, the rest were purchased already painted).

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