Monday, March 23, 2015

Miniatures- Hordes Battle, Minions VS Circle Orboros

This was a 35 point battle with my Minions VS. Brian's Circle Orboros.

Circle deployed and ready to get up close and personal.

An array of Circle Warbeasts.

Minion Gatormen, hungry and ready to fight. But where did those pesky Bog Trogs go?

Barnabas and his Warbeasts.

Kaya herds her Warbeasts towards one objective while the Skinwalkers move out to contest the other.

Barnabas moves his Warbeasts to hold one objective and the Gatorman Posse towards the other.

The Skinwalkers deftly move in to contest Minion control of the flag.

The Pureblood Warpwolf uses his spray attack to thin down the Gatorman Posse.

 Eager for revenge, the Posse gangs up on the Warpwolf Stalker, and with a little acidic help from the Ironback Spitter, takes the Warbeast out.

Meanwhile, the Blackhide Wrastler wades into the Skinwalkers, killing two of them.

After the initial contact, both sides are fighting for control of their flag, but struggle to push the enemy back. Barnabas is injured when the Pureblood Warpwolf uses his spray attack down the line of Minions.  He recovers some health by finishing off a Skinwalker with his magic and consuming it's life essence. 

Oh, here are the Bog Trogs, they answered the summons to battle after all.

Gorax revs up for a charge into the remaining Gatorman Posse members.  He would have succeeded in taking them out had the Gatorman Shaman not cast a spell to make them tough.   The Bog Trogs run up to surround Kaya with the hopes of assassination.

Barnabas unleashes his feat, bringing in a tidal wave that knocks over all of the Circle forces.  The last of the Gatorman Posse wound Kaya and Gorax in a last desperate attack, while a frustrated Blackhide Wrastler still contends to a very wounded Skinwalker Alpha.

Kaya uses her feat to devastate the Bog Trogs, killing all but two.  It is the Gatorman Shaman, however, that ends the battle when one of his spells blows up a Bog Trog, taking Kaya out of action in the process.

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