Monday, October 13, 2008

Miniatures: Broadsword Adventures-Hunt for the Blue Lotus

Some say the Blue Lotus flower only takes nourishment from the blood of heroes, and this is what gives it healing properties. No mater the cause, King Vorten needs an elixir made from this rare flower or he will surely die. This is a tale of heroes who went to a desolate land to find the blossom, some to aid the dying King, others to curse him.

Fulk the Mighty and his sturdy band of Barbarians enter the rugged plain in search of the Blue Lotus. Many at the counsel of war disapproved of Fulk's decision to aid the King, but the old warrior knows that not all battles are won with steel.

Lady Eleanor is determined to prove good on the faith placed upon her by Chancellor Roy. As she leads her followers through the mist she ponders upon her oath to return to the city with the Lotus or not return at all.

As her followers begin the search she spies someone in the distance. As the fog thins she recognizes the garb of a temple guard. What treachery brings the cult of Ara to the grove of the Blue Lotus?

Meanwhile, Fulk discovers treachery. In the distance he spies his Warlord, Galen Mac Corbin, leading warriors loyal to him. Galen was the most outspoken against Fulk at the council of war. It seems the Warlord has made plans of his own.

Fulk sends his greatest hero, Rodin Hornblower, to find the flower. "I will smite Galen here and now, let his blood nourish a new crop of flowers!" proclaims the Chieftain.

Elsewhere, Fulk's warrior Pietor charges after a group that let fly arrows at him. "I'm just a servant!" cries Kellen, Eleanor's retainer. Gerard the bodyguard, however, calmly nocks another arrow.

Eleanor and her cousin Timira discover a High Priestess and engage in battle with the temple guard. The Priestess lets fly flames that sear and burn them, but Eleanor presses on and engages the Priestess in hand to hand.

Meanwhile, Galen charges his Chieftain and cuts deeply into his arms. Fulk snarls and swings sword and flail as the two titan let loose their fury. Jeordi, loyal to Galen, enters a berserk rage and charges to his Warlord's aid.

As Rodin Hornblower approaches the tomb he senses death. A faint echo from within the entry way alerts him to the coming evil, yet he stands firm as the skeletons emerge from the crypt and from the very ground itself.

The High Priestess lets out a gruelling laugh as she engulfs Lady Eleanor and her cousin Timira in flames and watches them succumb to the heat and smoke. What's left of her temple guard then disperse to find the flower, knowing that the cult's plan to gain political favor hinge on them using the flower for leverage.

The Captain of the Temple Guard climbs the back of the tomb searching for the flower. She surveys the land and spies a barbarian battling skeletons near a stagnant pool.

Galen overcomes Fulk, his youthful vigor outlasting the cunning of the old Chieftain. Breathing heavily from the fight and bleeding from many wounds he spies Rodin Hornblower. The two eye each other for sometime, remaining perfectly still. When Rodin turns to leave it is understood that they will have to fight one day.

Meanwhile, the hero Cassiamyrrin, who currently favors Galen, fights two skeletons that emerged from the water.

The lithe warrior lets them approach then she cuts them down one by one. As she finishes off the last of them she spies a small patch of blue upon the hill. Quickly clambering up the slope she finds the lone blossom, the one and only thing that can cure King Vorten. She calls out the Galen and scampers down the far slope as the Temple Guard approach the hill. As she descends the trail she crushes the fragile blossom in her calloused hands. Galen and his followers join her. "There will be a new King, a weaker one, and we will crush him like that flower. We go to war!"

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