Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miniatures: Charcters for an upcoming game of Space B@#^*!ds From Outer Space

Crainiac- "Consume high spectrum electromagnetic radiation, earthen sphere!"

The Big Pointy Alien-avoid at all costs.

Skids- rolling to the fight in style.

Romeo-or so he thinks.

Slim- part cowboy, part cyborg, all dead.

Signus 12- She didn't like her 11 siblings so now she is an only child.

Verde, Martian Warrior-he bears gifts of hot plasma.

Ava Ironlung- her helmet works underwater too.

Brother Ignatius- he is on a mission to rid the world of everyone not him.

Chief Legolas Breezybottom- "You will fight no more, forever!"

Hans-"take that, and that, and that"

SBFOS is a great, hilarious, kill your neighbor kind of skirmish game that is, unfortunately out of print. Here are some of the characters that might be fighting away at a local Convention. Game pics to follow if I actually get to play.

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