Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miniatures: Fantasy Skirmish for the Holidays

My Great Nephews Dalton and Trent got their first miniatures game so..... of course we had to play! Above- Dalton's forces line up for battle.

Trent's forces huddle in a defensive posture.

My Orcs spread out to face both foes.

Dalton advances as a group, with his wizard holding back. He takes some losses to Orc magic as he approaches battle.

The Orc Hero leads his troops in an assault on Trent.

Meanwhile, Trent's archer and Wizard march to face Dalton's forces.

Dalton approaches with caution, taking cover from the Orc archers and Shaman.

Trent's Wizard falls to an Orc arrow while his Hero and several troops go down killing the Orcs

Dalton's troops rush in to finish off the last of Trent's forces. He, in turn is picked off one by one by the Orc archers and Shaman.

The game was played using a free set of rules called OnePage Fantasy Skirmish rules. The rules formed a nice base for introductory games and can be easily expanded with more detail as needed.

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