Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miniatures: Spearhead from Space

A bizarre meteor shower draws the attention of UNIT and their scientific adviser, The Doctor. He and his assistant, Liz Shaw search the grounds of a local farm.

Meanwhile, the Brigadier orders his troops about.

Autons, animated shop dummies, search the woods near-by for the globe containing their Swarm Leader.

Eventually they near the farm where UNIT searches.

The Brigadier leads his men into the woods to face the diabolical constructs. Meanwhile the Doctor and Liz work to build a jamming device that will disrupt the Autons.

UNIT soldiers fight bravely, but are surprised by the Autons.

They are out gunned, their weapons hardly having an effect on their plastic foe.

The Autons fight fiercely to protect their Swarm Leader.

Soon they breach the farm defenses, killing UNIT soldiers with ease.

Even the Brigadier falls victim to the crushing blow of the Autons. He fights with pistol, then in hand to hand, until he is rendered unconscious and left for dead.

The Doctor, sensing the urgency of the situation, leaves Liz to run the Jammer while he rushes out into the woods. Liz stalls the Auton advance, but is under threat when a circuit blows.

Trapped in the machine shed, Liz looks despirately for a means of escape.

She dives out the open window, but is pursued by Autons. Climbing over the fence she is graised by a blast and falls uncounsious at the foot of the wall.

But the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to disrupt the Auton in posession of the Swarm Leader. As the Auton falls to the ground the Doctor grabs the pulsating, plastic globe and flees the area. He will of course return for his fallen friends when the time is right.

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