Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miniatures: Hoards of the Things game

I was able to get in a game of Hoards of the Things (HOTT) with my friend Bill. Our armies were pretty evenly matched, but Bill established and maintained the upper hand very early on.

Bill's army is based on The Black Company in the South with their Taglian allies. Lady and Croaker are his Hero/General, looking splended in their Black Armor. One eye and Goblin comprise his Wizards, accompanied by stands of spear, shooters, riders and an Elephant Behemoth.

My army represent the Guardians of a Magical Forrest, lead by a Hero/General Princess riding a Unicorn. Another Princess casts her magic from atop a wishing well, while Centaur riders prance near by.

Elsewhere the army contains farm animal beasts, Elven shooters and spear (not shown) and a Treeant Behemoth.

Lady and Croaker are defending one of the Taglian cities, and manage to get the defenders in a good formation. Beasts and a Treeant attempt to skirt past one of his flanks, using their superior speed in good ground. They were met by shooters, the Elephant and a sturdy stand of spearmen.

The Treeant looms over the shooters, but they are too highly trained to waiver.

The Elephant smashes through a stand of the farm animals, squashing a rooster, but the other beasts manage to stampede the shooters. The Treeant is forced back by the sturdy spearmen, while elsewhere Taglian spearmen face off with the Elves.

The Treeant, left alone by the demise of his farmland brethren, fights on against the spearman. The two units give and take ground while the Elephant recovers from it's latest charge (and pries the chicken and donkey bits off the sole of his foot). The tree finally becomes kindling when it is backed against a rock face by the spearmen and is unable to escape.

Meanwhile, One Eye and Goblin throw spell after spell at the Unicorn riding Princess, while the Wizard of the Well slings her magic at the Taglian spearmen. Elven shooters fire on the sturdy spear, and a brief clash of arms takes place but neither force chooses to commit. With the fall of her right flank (and the shocking death of her chickens) the Princess Hero leads the Centaur riders in a desperate charge. They smash into the Black Company command facing the dreaded Black Armor and horrific Banner. The Princess squares up against One Eye and Goblin hoping for an easy kill, but the wiry, wily wizards got the best of her. With her demise the remainder of her army looses it's will to fight, the battle is lost.

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