Sunday, November 29, 2009

Miniatures: Vikings under the Raven Banner

The Raven Banner, often sewn by a warrior's mother or sister, possessed magical properties. Some banners assured victory as long as they flew, but doomed those who carried it into battle. One such standard was abandoned after several bearers were killed. The owner was disgusted by such cowardice so he tucked the banner under his mail and fled. The battle was lost and the owner and all those who refused the standard were killed.

A unit of Hersir follow the banner.

Another view.

Two units of Hersir and a unit of light infantry armed with javelin. The light unit uses spear heads imported or taken as spoils from Normandy, as indicated by the cross-barb under the point.

Several shields contain designs that emulate the cross, a sign of the gradual conversion of the Northmen.

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