Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miniatures: Grishnak Wins Brawl!

Grishnak (shown here wit 'is cleaver at Thud's throat) wins da bar brawl while Bogmire the Petulant slumbers near by.

Da action started wit Bogmire knocking Grishnak over, then Thud throws Bog into Grishnak making a pile of Orcs on da table. Thud and Grish both smashed bottles over Orc head, and Bog thought about throwing a chair, but was hit by a flying Grishnak instead. Grish took a short nap, but woke up, grabbed his brew and came back for more. Bogmire also took a nap, got up and got jumped on by Grishnak and stayed down. Thud, who looked ta be the favorite early on when he kept throwing Orcs into each other, finally took a hard goose egg ta da head and slumped next to a snoring Bogmire. Free drinks fer Grishnak!

We played a three player game which gave us a taste of the rules and anticipation for a brawl with more players.

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