Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Miniatures: Mutants and Death Ray Guns

As a quick side project I am doing up a group of miniatures for Ganesha Games' Mutants and Death Ray Guns, which is basically Gamma World in miniatures. The figures are meant to be x-mas presents for my Nephews, with the side benefit that I'll finally get to play the game and have loads of fun preparing these miniatures. This group is the first half essentially completed. Note, the Deer-man (far left) is not finished. I need to print off the logo of a certain Iowa farm implement manufacturer to paste on his shirt. Nothing runs like a Deere!

A clix figure painted up as a mutant, or mutant animal.

This Void miniature is a human with an Assault Rifle.

Another group shot. The garbage can in the back was my first attempt at sculpting terrain stuff with sculpy done a long, long time ago. The device on the right was one of my first scratch built pieces altogether. The side facing the camera was made from pill packaging.

A clix miniature repainted to represent a human in a hazmat suit.

Another Void miniature as a human hand to hand combat specialist, or perhaps a leader.

John. This dear fellow is hunting for his long lost cousin Buck. Buck is an astronaught that never returned from a mission in outer space. Perhaps Buck will show up in another game. John is a clix figure with a head replacement found at the local craft store.

Robot. Not much of anything was done to this clix figure, just some changes to the paint scheme.

Once the second half of this group is finished I'll post some more pictures, and hopefully of some games as well.

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