Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miniatures: Chronopia Dwarven Dark Tusk Clan

 Dwarven Dark Tusk Clan assembles for war.  The Legion of warriors is supported by their Totem beast, a giant boar creature that is the degenerated incarnation of their ancient gods.  Corrupted by a dark ritual enacted by a fallen clan, the ancient gods roam the lower caverns until tamed by Keepers and lead into battle.  Here the Dark Tusks are also supported by a Flamethrower unit and allied Vulture Clan Crossbowmen.

 Darkstar warriors wield their heavy morningstar while the Legion of Swordsmen and Gauntlet warriors hold the middle ground.

 The Vulture Crossbows, Dark Tusk Raider and Dark Axe warriors preparing for battle.

 The feared Dark Tusk Totem lead by the mighty Keeper.

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