Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miniatures: Chronopia Stygians

 The feared Stygians are a cold reptilian race from deep in the desert regions.  Here a host forms up ready to attack.

 Warrior units made from Sword and Spear drive captured slaves called the Drugged before them in order to shield the unit from enemy missiles and spells.  Behind these warriors is a Great Warrior prepared to leap over his smaller brethren and smash into their foes.

 The Starved are feared for their hunger driven ferocity.  These malnourished warriors fight to the death in order to eat their vanquished foe or die trying.

 The Reapers blend into the surroundings in order to surprise their foe and savagely rend them apart with duel wielded sickles.

The Priestess flanked by two of the Drugged.  She deceives and assails opponents with spells and blood magic.

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