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RPG: Tales of Blades and Heroes Session

Into the Sea Cave  

An Adventure using Tales of Blades and Heroes

Dramatis Personae
Celesarn Silvertree-  A cynical elf.
Eshelius the Ardent-  A fanatic warrior of Dannos the Seeker.
Falstaff-  A curious ranger.
Ivan Karsokov-  A proud, stubborn mage and his companion badger.
Martin-  Former first mate of the ship Locust.
Owen McDuff-  A professional soldier with a mysterious past.
Yaka Jinzako-  A ninja from the Droplet Isles. 
Zandor, Justice Seeker-  A Cleric of Zelos the Stern.

Session Three-  The Sea Cave.
The Adventurers finish ridding the Manor of ratmen, finding piles of straw and young rat-lings in the kitchen.  Falstaff surmises that the ratmen were attempting to build a warren above ground and right in the midst of the human village.  He notes this to be very strange behavior for ratmen.  As they leave the Manor a representative of Count Granville summons them and offers to hire their services yet again.  The Count has taken in a Cleric of Zelos who claims to have been shipwrecked in a similar manner to the adventurers.  Zandor explains that he was pulled from the water by lizardmen and held captive in a cave near the sea.  He managed to escape with several others, but most were killed in the attempt.  The Count wishes the bold adventurers to venture to the sea cave and investigate.

 The Adventurers fan out as they approach the cave entrance.  Celesarn and Martin cover the flanks wtih bow while Zandor the Cleric leads the way.

 Forewarned by movement on the surface of the water, or the sound of dripping from the rocks Zandor shouts to for all to beware while Falstaff readies his blade.  A creature made from water emerges from the pool, menacing and thrashing about.  Falstaff wades into the water to strike it, and Ivan freezes it solid with a spell so that it can be easily shattered.

 The party is ambushed at the entrance to the cave.  Two Reptilemen await on the inner sides of the doorway to strike the first man through.  Ivan turns Zandor invisible so that the Cleric can slip past the sentries and attack from behind. He drives the beasts into the open so the others can help dispatch them.

Zandor continues to scout while invisible.  Inside the cave are ancient ruins and what appears to be an abandoned ratman warren.  The party would later surmise that the Reptilemen may have forced the Ratment out of their home.  Zandor discovers more Reptilemen and a fight ensues.

 Both Owen and Falstaff slip several times on the slick floor or are knocked over by heavy blows.  Martin finds himself facing three Reptilemen on his own, but Owen, Falstaff and Ivan all come to his aid with a combination of spells and martial prowess that the Lizards can not withstand.  Ivan caves in part of the rock ceiling onto the Reptilemen forcing two to scatter and catching one under the rubble.  Falstaff takes advantage of the distraction and jumps in to lopp of a Reptileman's head.  Zandor, Yaka and Celesarn finish off Reptilemen on the other flank.

 The party emerges from the ruin into a short tunnel heading down into the sea cave.  There they hear the roaring of the sea and smell the salt air.  As their torches illuminate the area they note two huts and a stagnate pool near by with beach and water directly ahead.  They hear human voices echoing across the sea and scurrying on the beach nearby.

 Giant Lizards, the size of a large dog, rush out to attack.  Zandor gets locked into combat with one while Yaka, now invisible toys with another.

 Celesarn puts a Reptileman's eye out with an arrow, but the brute keeps fighting.  It clashes with Falstaff and trades blow for blow.  Martin and Zandor fight off two giant Liarards while Celesarn continues to fire arrows at the remaining one.  An arrow causes it to slip and fall, giving Yaka the opportunity to finish the beast off.

 The lone remaining Reptileman proves hard to kill.  Several times Ivan uses magic to slam the Lizard into the rocks at the edge of the sea.  The Reptileman looses his sword in one such attack, yet he pulls himself out of the water and continues the fight.  Owen, Yaka and Faltaff must work together the bring the brute down.  Meanwhile Falstaff begins to have blurred vision and the shakes.  His temperature burns as he begins to reel on wobbly legs and the venomous bite of the Giant Lizard begins to fester.

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