Monday, February 4, 2013

Miniatures: World War II Skirmish in 15mm

 Building units to play the Bolt Action WWII rules in 15mm.  The U.S. and German HQ plus a squad each are finished, the rest are in progress.

Here a U.S. HQ unit leaves the Infirmary with supplies for the field.

First Squad waits nearby for the orders that will send them marching.

 The men relax and joke around, burning off tension and saving their energy for the fight.

 The German HQ section surveys their position.

 The men set up defenses at the ruins.

 The Squad Leader directs the preparations.

Light Machine Gunners set up against the stone wall, looking for the best field of fire.

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Nathan Watt said...

This was a nice skirmish report. I enjoyed it. Did you do all the terrain yourself? It looks good.

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Secondly, and lastly, I'm thinking of doing a monthly post where people email me a picture of a model, models, they've painted within that month and are most proud of. It will be displayed on my blog with name, owner name, their thoughts etc, as well as link to their blog. Just wondered if you would be interested?