Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miniatures: In Her Majesty's Name- The Society of Thule

Reports have been made that Count Von Stroheim and his Society of Thule have been spotted in Luxor.  The Prussians arrived soon after reports were published detailing that pieces of the Scrolls of Skellos may have been found in a near by temple.  The Society of Thule is an old and secretive organization, with activities that span the globe wherever occult phenomenon are reported.  Just what the Society is after, and what their ultimate goal might be is a mystery.

This image depicts Count Von Stroheim and associates emerging from the jungle at an undisclosed location.

The Society is supported by the brilliant, yet deranged scientific devices of Dr. Kobalt, inventor of the serum that creates the hideous Tod-Truppen, zombie-like soldiers raised from the dead.  Here Dr. Kobalt is armed with an Arc pistol and a portable Arc generator.

 The Society draws many adventurous types such as these Prussian Nobles, fanatic swordsmen and duelists out to test their blades.

Feldwebel Krieg here may seem slight of stature, yet he is strong enough to carry a two man flamethrower all by himself.  He is usually found not far from Von Stroheim's side.

The Jagers of the Society of Thule are inoculated with a revivifier serum that turns them into the dreaded Tod-Truppen upon death.  As zombies, they fight on for their cruel masters.

 From time to time the Society also uses conventional technology, such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Walker.  This one is equipped with a machine-gun.

Count Von Stroheim himself is a monstrosity of a man.  He typically carries a Mauser pistol and a huge saber, which he wields with an All-Electric prosthetic arm, which is powered by the portable Arc generator he wears on his back.  The Count has been known to be very erratic, be well advised to stay out of his way if you should cross paths with the Society of Thule.

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