Sunday, March 20, 2016

Miniatures Special Edition: Dashiell's first painted Miniatures.

My son Dashiell (11) painted his first miniatures, a squad of 54 mm robots that we will use for the Laser Blade rules.  Here are his robots along with some 30 mm troopers I painted up to fight them.

 Dashiell's Robots will have heavy armor protection and have a variety of specialists with heavy weapons, rapid fire weapons and a hand to hand specialist.

The human troops can be played as a single squad, survivors of larger units haphazardly pulled together to face the robot threat.  They can also be played as individual squads, the Blues and the Yellows, as seen below.

More Robots and Humans are underdevelopment, and we hope to get our first game played in the near future, so look for a game report then.

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