Thursday, September 8, 2016

Miniatures: First Game of Battleblade!!!

I recently played my first game of Battleblade with my 11 year old son and 5 year old Daughter, each bring their own painted miniatures to the table.  Battleblade is a fast play, easy to learn set of fantasy skirmish rules from Echidna games that is designed with kids in mind.  My son and I had previously played their Science Fiction rule set, Laserblade, and had a blast, so we snatched up Battleblade as soon as it came out.  My Daughter has really taken to the hobby and has been painting and building her own terrain for some time now.  Her conception of a table top miniatures game is similar to playing with toys, and is infused with ideas from her rich imagination.  I was super pleased that Battleblade is a flexible enough rule set to allow her imagination to still play a big part.  So her Mouse Bee Keeper had a ranged attack, essentially sending Bees after her opponent.  Her Mouse Wizard (pronounced "Lizard" by her) could cast a Star Storm ranged magical attack, and her Mouse Thief attacked with a Tail Lash.  Altogether we had a great time and will be working on more Mice, some Elves and Dwarves to add to our future battles.

 My Daughter's Mice L to R:  Druid whose staff is also a Standard, Samurai (Hero), Wizard, Thief (Scout) and Bee Keeper (Archer).

My 54 mm Orcs L to R:  Leader, Berserker, Archer (Scout), Body Guard, and Warrior.

My Son's 54 mm Skeletons L to R:  Litch (Wizard), Warrior with Sword and Bola, Berserker, Warrior with Sword and Shield, Spearman, Scout with Bolas.

The Scenario was simple, collect the Treasure (Skull Tokens) and destroy the enemy.

The Litch leads the way rushing out to collect a treasure right away.

The Orcs fan out as they approach multiple treasures.

 The Mouse Samurai takes a magic portal and emerges to collect a treasure.  Thus far all still seems peaceful.

A Skeleton enters the pool and realizes it is a magical gateway to another portal.

The Mouse Wizard teleports himself to a nearby treasure.

First Blood.  My Orc Archer moves in and fires an arrow at the Litch, but misses the shot.  A Skeleton armed with a bola retaliates and takes the Archer out.

Elsewhere, the Mouse Wizard dispatches the Orc Berserker by casting his Star Storm magical bolt.

The Mouse Bee Keeper sends out a swarm of Bees to attack the Orc Leader, but the burly warrior swats them aside.

Rushing his puny foe, the Orc Leader attempts to cleave the Mouse Thief, but cannot connect with the quick rodent. This proves to be the Orc's downfall, as the next moment he is brought down low by a low blow.

The Mouse Thief stands triumphant over the fallen Orc and lets loose a mighty "Squeak!!!"

As the hoard of Skeletons move forward, the remaining Orcs fall in their wake.

The last remaining Orc charges the Litch in a final act of defiance.

The Litches forces surge forward to protect their leader.

The last Orc falls to their foul blades. It's down to Skeletons versus Mice.

 A Skeleton Spearman takes a portal that brings him in reach of the Mouse Wizard.

The Skeleton dispatches the Wizard and takes his Treasure.

But moments later, the Mouse Bee Keeper avenges his friend as a his buzzing swarm takes out the Skeleton.

Elsewhere, the Samurai Hero collects a vast hoard of treasure.

But the Skeleton Scout ends the Samurai's treasure hunting days.

The Skeletons continue to advance upon the Mice, and the Bee Keeper is next to fall.

Now the Skeleton Scout has a hoard of Treasure all his own.

The battlefield looks bleak as Skeletons continue to verge upon the last of the Mouse defenders. The Litch takes out the Druid with a bolt of Magic, leaving only the Mouse Thief to face the foul undead.

My Daughter's friend Glitterlove can hardly stand the suspense.

 The Skeleton Berserker slashes madly at the Mouse Thief, who deftly dodges the blows.

 The Berserker is then taken out by the Mouse Thief, even though the Litch attempts to aid him by casting deadly bolts of magic at the formidable Mouse.

Another Skeleton attacks the Mouse Thief who continues to dodge the incoming blows, this despite being weighed down with treasure.

Soon the Skeletons join ranks in an attempt to overwhelm the lone Mouse.

But the deadly Mouse's Tail Lash keeps sending the Skeletons back to their graves.

Eventually the Mouse's luck runs out as he is finally felled by a Skeleton Warrior.

The Skeleton's win the day, but who can say who will be victorious next encounter.

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Chris said...

Sorry this comes so late, but where did the miniatures come from? I have a few 54mm fantasy figures, but your are rather nicer!

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Chris Johnson