Monday, August 7, 2017

Dungeon Scum, the Delve Continues.

Rose Glenguard and her party of Adventurers continue through the dark caverns in search for treasure.  The passageway opens into another larger room filled with pools of brackish water of unknown depths.  A foul mist hangs heavy in the air, obscuring the view of the far side of the chamber.  Somewhere behind the rock ledges a quiet splashing alerts the party to eminent danger.

The Adventurers encounter a large chamber with pools of water and foul mist hanging heavy in the air.

 The Adventuring Party (L to R):  the Hero Trina of the Blade, Rens and Estelle (minions), Rose Glenguard leader of the party, Monica Wellspring the Scholar, Halfdan (minion), Listra (minion), and Lady Lena.

Lurking in the cavern are a pack of hungry Lizard men.

The Lizards work in tandem with the wiry Slithering Crawlers that also live in the cavern.

As the heroes advance, one of the Lizard men rushes Trina of the Glade.  She calmly blocks the creatures attack and the two are locked in combat.

At the end of the first turn, the party advances whilst the Slithering Crawlers hang back awaiting an opportunity to strike.

Rose rushes over to join the fight, but the stern Lizard warrior holds them both off.

Lady Lena approaches a suspicious column peeking through the mist.  A Slithering Crawler darts out from behind a rock formation, hisses at her and coils up for a lunge.  Lena interposes her shield and the two engage in earnest.

 As the heroes engage the lead Lizard man, Minions Rens and Estelle prepare to fight another that emerges from behind the rocks.

The end of the second turn sees the party spread out and facing foes from both sides of the cavern.

Trina rams her boar spear into the Lizard man's gut, opening a gaping wound and turning the now lifeless creature into a pile of scales and blood.

 The gruesome kill rattles the nerve of the remaining Lizard men.

Lena is stunned by the Slithering Crawler, but Halfdan and Listra engage a second Crawler, keeping it off of Lena's back.

Even stunned, Lena manages to dispatch the Crawler with a well placed sword blow.

Monica Wellspring the Scholar lends the weight of her attack to the others and dispatches another Crawler.  She takes a moment to examine the curious looking creature before getting back into the fight.

Meanwhile, Rose sees another Slithering Crawler emerge from the brackish water.  She sends an arrow it's way, but only grazes the beast, stunning it.

Even stunned, the beast slithers quickly across the wet cavern floor in order to engage Rose.

Soon both Lena and Monica rush to lend their leader a hand.

The end of the turn sees the creatures in a dire position, outnumbered on all fronts by able Adventurers.  Still, the creatures fight on, defending their lair.

Monica skewers the stunned Crawler and nearly looses her spear as the creatures wriggles and gasps until it expires.

Rens and Estelle continue to exchange blows with a Lizard man, but to no effect.  The battle remains a stalemate, as help approaches for each side.

But then Trina bounds up upon the mound of stone brandishing her bloody boar spear.  The Ranger lets out a wild yell as she attacks.

Trina's attack leaves another Lizard man dead on the cavern floor.

The end of the turn shows the Adventurers running out of opposition.

The lone Lizard man takes in the situation.....

His friends are down, the Crawlers dead, and all the Adventurers are heading his way.   Trina waves her bloody spear in his direction....

....and the Lizard man rushes towards a nearby pool, takes a quick dive, and disappears into the dark water.

This was the second encounter of a typical fantasy dungeon delve using Nordic Weasel's Dungeon Scum rules.  The party was rewarded with 4 bags of gold and 2 magic potions, randomly generated by the various charts in the game rules.  Also, 2 Retainer characters (Lena and Monica) gained new traits as an experience reward for defeating monsters of their same level.  This dungeon has so far consisted of battles with Minions and a Pack of Monsters, but other type of encounters could have been generated as well.  Situations such as traps, delays, puzzles to solve and even unguarded treasures can be generated using the Delve rules.  In this dungeon the party has one more encounter before facing the boss monster of the Delve.  Stay tuned for the next installment.

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